Building your arcade cabinet can be a cool and adventurous activity especially for arcade lovers. For anyone who has undertaken this adventurous task, there is one challenge that determines your end product. This challenge is the availability of gaming accessories to build your gaming console. The better quality accessories you get the better your gaming arcade will turn out. One of the most sought-after accessories to make arcade games is arcade buttons. This is one of the most important components and it is recommended to get the most attractive and the strongest buttons for a holistic gaming experience. Below are some of the featured arcade buttons that can be added to your arcade cabinet.


Featured arcade buttons 


  • 28mm welded arcade button-this is our company’s new high-quality game accessory, easy to install and use. The button is made of convex design, which is convenient and smooth to use. It comes with a built-in micro switch, which fits perfectly into the 28 mm mounting hole on the arcade cabinet.


  • Square 32 mm button – This is a low-profile arcade button with a square shape, unlike the conventional circle buttons. It has a translucent cap that can be removed and you can add your custom logo to the button. The button comes with a micro switch for customization and an LED light to illuminate the buttons.


These buttons are available on the Blee company website and all you need to do is contact we company for an instant quote.