Gaming fun is something that relaxes many people in their lives. Many feel that gaming is a real stress buster for them. Thanks to gaming consoles that play a major role in taking gaming fun to a new level!

When talking about game consoles, they have buttons that at times need to be replaced. When you look for this particular part to be replaced in your game console, you should select the right part. To help you, here are some ideas to consider when choosing the right arcade buttons for your game consoles:

Easy To Install and Use:

The first thing you will have to check when you compare any game console parts is whether they are easy to install and use. The same rule applies to arcade buttons as well. Apart from the easiness of installation, it is essential that the button should be easy to use. For instance, buttons with a convex design will be smooth and convenient to use.

Perfect Fit:

Another essential thing to consider when you buy arcade buttons is that they should be of the right size. For instance, most arcade cabinets will have a 28 mm mounting hole. So, when you compare buttons, it is better to check whether the buttons that you have shortlisted fit your cabinet.

At BLEE dealing, we deal with different parts for your gaming consoles. We suggest you shortlist a button with illumination. It will glow even in darkness to help you play even in low-light conditions.

For those who grew up in the 80s and early 90s, arcade games are memories that you can be nostalgic for. It is a tool that connects people and allows people to communicate and entertain each other. More than forty years have passed, and arcade games still play an important role in bringing people together to play. It is precisely for this reason that Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd. feels that it is necessary to retain arcade games as much as possible.


What makes Blee stand out 


  • Manufacturing – You can get quality arcade parts that you can use to complete your arcade cabinet. You can get specialized OEM and ODM services for arcade game consoles. Women’s the company can design research, manufacture, and offer sales services to its customers who need arcade games or arcade parts.


  • Production line – You can get quality parts like arcade buttons that you can customize with your logo. You can also get coin acceptors, joysticks, arcade kids, arcade consoles, among other gaming parts. The parts are built with quality materials and you can be assured you are getting value for your money.


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