With the development of the times, different types and versions of computer games and electronic games are released every day, and many games and game consoles have also been eliminated. But there is one game that will never go out of style, that is, arcade games, which can be seen in the game hall. Game machine enthusiasts still like to use machines to play arcade games. But I have to admit that with the development of the game industry, many arcade game console suppliers can no longer continue to supply game consoles and parts. As a result, the game machine cannot find replacement parts in time due to damaged parts. But don’t worry, because we are here.

Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional game parts manufacturer integrating product design, research, and development, manufacturing, and sales.

The main products include:

  • Retro arcade (cocktail and Pandora game console)
  • Coin receiver (Bill Acceptor, Multi Coin Acceptor, and Timer Control Box)
  • Multi-game boards (Jamma boards, Pandora game boards, and multi-slot game boards)
  • Arcade buttons (luminous, square luminous, standard, and black round arcade buttons)
  • Arcade joysticks (Illuminated Joysticks, Sanwa Joysticks, Xbox controller, and Zippy arcade joysticks)
  • In addition, there are a wide variety of arcade game machines, including special game machines, gifts and sports machines, children’s game machines, and more!

We provide a wide range of products for customers to choose from to ensure customer satisfaction and provide one-stop shopping services to save customers’ time. Our arcade solution has won high praise and recognition from customers for its high quality, low cost, and high compatibility. In addition, because we have a complete and scientific quality management system. Therefore, our integrity, strength, and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.