With the increase in demand and usage of electronic gadgets in our life, there are now a lot of products available in the market. This demanding increase has raised the advancement in the field of technology. It is now easy to download a game for entertainment purposes. But, still, the fashion and demand for gaming machines and game consoles are not ended. There are the majority of people who still prefer to use such machines. Each game console takes the input of the player and controls them. The process that input through electrical and computerized components and at the end their output is displayed on an electronic machine.

If you are looking for such game consoles, Blee game manufacturers are the best option to consider. They include a wide range of products such as coin acceptors, arcade joysticks, retro arcade machines, and a wide range of arcade machines further categorized as a gift and sports machines, machines for kids, and much more!

View site for more information and you can have a look at a wide range of our various products. There are different categories which ensure the satisfaction of customers and help them to shop from a one-stop shopping service which can save their time. As a team, we pay special attention to the quality of our products and inspect the finished product packaging. Our main mission is to provide top-notch quality game consoles manufactured under the supervision of experienced employees.


With the development of the times, different types and versions of computer games and electronic games are released every day, and many games and game consoles have also been eliminated. But there is one game that will never go out of style, that is, arcade games, which can be seen in the game hall. Game machine enthusiasts still like to use machines to play arcade games. But I have to admit that with the development of the game industry, many arcade game console suppliers can no longer continue to supply game consoles and parts. As a result, the game machine cannot find replacement parts in time due to damaged parts. But don’t worry, because we are here.

Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional game parts manufacturer integrating product design, research, and development, manufacturing, and sales.

The main products include:

  • Retro arcade (cocktail and Pandora game console)
  • Coin receiver (Bill Acceptor, Multi Coin Acceptor, and Timer Control Box)
  • Multi-game boards (Jamma boards, Pandora game boards, and multi-slot game boards)
  • Arcade buttons (luminous, square luminous, standard, and black round arcade buttons)
  • Arcade joysticks (Illuminated Joysticks, Sanwa Joysticks, Xbox controller, and Zippy arcade joysticks)
  • In addition, there are a wide variety of arcade game machines, including special game machines, gifts and sports machines, children’s game machines, and more!

We provide a wide range of products for customers to choose from to ensure customer satisfaction and provide one-stop shopping services to save customers’ time. Our arcade solution has won high praise and recognition from customers for its high quality, low cost, and high compatibility. In addition, because we have a complete and scientific quality management system. Therefore, our integrity, strength, and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.

Arcade games are those games that require a coin to work. That is why they are also known as coin-op games. Whenever you go to commercial malls, amusement parks, you see certain games in which coins are used for playing games. Such games are called arcade games. Arcade games are highly liked by children.  Although, there are a few benefits of playing arcade games.

  • It may sound strange but arcade games play an important role in maintaining the health of an individual. Health professionals recommend playing arcades and video games to reduce depression and anxiety. It also aids in reducing pain and soreness of muscles.


  • Different buttons and joysticks are used for controlling the movements in the game. This gesture helps in building your muscle memory and also aids in sharpening the memory. When the player constantly focuses on the game, his mind ultimately sharpens and his reflexes improve.


  • Playing games helps in reducing mental stress and helps in building mental abilities. It also enhances the decision-making abilities of children.


The coin acceptor is a component used by the gaming machine to sense and receive coins.

It may be damaged due to overuse, and your gaming machine may not work without coins. But don’t worry, Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd. has the game parts you need. We deal with all types of game console accessories at wholesale prices. Due to its rich experience in this field, Baoli Animation is a leading company in China.


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For those who grew up in the 80s and early 90s, arcade games are memories that you can be nostalgic for. It is a tool that connects people and allows people to communicate and entertain each other. More than forty years have passed, and arcade games still play an important role in bringing people together to play. It is precisely for this reason that Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd. feels that it is necessary to retain arcade games as much as possible.


What makes Blee stand out 


  • Manufacturing – You can get quality arcade parts that you can use to complete your arcade cabinet. You can get specialized OEM and ODM services for arcade game consoles. Women’s the company can design research, manufacture, and offer sales services to its customers who need arcade games or arcade parts.


  • Production line – You can get quality parts like arcade buttons that you can customize with your logo. You can also get coin acceptors, joysticks, arcade kids, arcade consoles, among other gaming parts. The parts are built with quality materials and you can be assured you are getting value for your money.


If you want to get a quote or have any questions about Blee products, please contact us.

Building your arcade cabinet can be a cool and adventurous activity especially for arcade lovers. For anyone who has undertaken this adventurous task, there is one challenge that determines your end product. This challenge is the availability of gaming accessories to build your gaming console. The better quality accessories you get the better your gaming arcade will turn out. One of the most sought-after accessories to make arcade games is arcade buttons. This is one of the most important components and it is recommended to get the most attractive and the strongest buttons for a holistic gaming experience. Below are some of the featured arcade buttons that can be added to your arcade cabinet.


Featured arcade buttons 


  • 28mm welded arcade button-this is our company’s new high-quality game accessory, easy to install and use. The button is made of convex design, which is convenient and smooth to use. It comes with a built-in micro switch, which fits perfectly into the 28 mm mounting hole on the arcade cabinet.


  • Square 32 mm button – This is a low-profile arcade button with a square shape, unlike the conventional circle buttons. It has a translucent cap that can be removed and you can add your custom logo to the button. The button comes with a micro switch for customization and an LED light to illuminate the buttons.


These buttons are available on the Blee company website and all you need to do is contact we company for an instant quote.



With the world full of technological equipments and gadgets, people now prefer to play games online on their smart phones and electronic gadgets. It is easy to download games on smartphones but still, the fashion of gaming machines is never old! There are a lot of people who still love to play with games with boxing game machine and other gaming machines.

Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology is the professional manufacturer of gaming machines and includes a wide range of products such as:

  • Joystick
  • Pushbuttons
  • Pandora console

Here its noteworthy to mention other items like:

  • IC card management arrangement
  • Series of arcade gaming appliance components
  • Boxing game machine and much more!

Boxing game machine is easy to operate and provides the feeling of excitement, fun and sense of entertainment to its players. It holds an exquisite design with clear and beautiful pictures. It is a perfect combination of sports and entertainment machine.

Other than these, the boxing game machine has material hardware and holds warranty of 12 months. There is one set of color options and net weight of this game console is 120 kg. Our company aims to produce products which everyone can enjoy and is includes specialized aspects for enthusiastic players too. Special emphasis is laid on the design of components and product quality inspection. Due to availability of unlimited options on our site, it becomes easier for the customers to shop from one-place.

Gamer’s point of view

Creation is man’s greatest gift. Ability to create led to the invention of arcade gaming machines. Nolan Bushnell did most of the creation of arcade machines that became popular earlier than expected. The current world is oblivious of the fun arcade games brought unless you were youth or kid by then. Retro Arcade Machines are a must-have if you still enjoy arcade games. It comes down to the fact that arcade games were the best games of the golden age. Gamers of that time can approve my statement considering all the skills arcade games require being the top of the board. The youth spent hours staring at the retro monitors with only one aim of being the best-able to challenge anyone.


Retro arcade consoles are not like they used to be. With a few adjustments and improvements, gamers can acquire portable machines for home enjoyment purposes. The current arcade machines are less bulky but still offer the same gaming experience. The enhanced display monitors offer a better gaming experience. Retro machines have the same control orientations as the past machines for a memorable engagement. The library of games present in the retro gaming machines keeps boredom at bay. These retro gaming machines support output with various output ports like VGA, HDMI, and USB. Retro gaming machines consume little electricity and can connect to computers and TV.

  • For the love of arcade gaming, one should have an arcade gaming machine. They are adrift from the present to the absolute past.